Friday, June 12, 2009

Customer Is Always Right!?

Few minutes before 12 pm, there was a slight commotion in our store. My co-worker entered the office crying. I found out that her demanding customer was outside our store.
What really happened?
The customer came at around 10 am where she was well attended. It took her a while to choose the things she needed. She left to withdraw money from the ATM to pay her purchases. Returning around 11 am, we scheduled the delivery right then after paying the minimal delivery charge which is mainly for fuel which has been a company policy. But she said that it be delivered after lunch because she needs to go to a bending shop.

She came back 10 minutes before 12 noon and demanded for the delivery. The one who attended her requested nicely if it is possible thatit will be done after lunch that is 1 pm because the driver will be taking his lunch. A polite plea was answered with the deafening statements in an irritating voice…
1.Visayan: “Nagbayad gud ko ug delivery charge so makademand jud ko kung kanus-a nko gusto ipadeliver.”
English: “ I paid the delivery charge so I can demand the delivery whenever I wanted.”
Comment: With this kind of thinking,one easily makes enemies instead of friends as one goes along. How pathetic!

2.Visayan: “Ok ra sa ako ala una basta libre na ako delivery charge.”
English: “ It’s ok with me if it will be delivered at 1 pm provided that my delivery charge is free.”
Comment: Nowadays, there is no such thing as free especially when it comes to sales & services but believe me if one treats countersales clerk nicely,one could get a very good lower price.

3.Visayan: “Dili ko pwede mag hulat sa ala una kai walay paniudto ako trabahante.”
English: “I can’t wait till 1 pm because there will be no lunch for my laborers.”
Comment: Customers please allocate enough time for purchasing so as not to mess your time as well as others. We always buy during the last hour expecting things to be quick as possible.

Customer is always right! I agree with this statement but this has been abused by some customers who do not treat the sales attendant as equal being, customers who wanted things and situations for their favor only.

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Aerrox said...

Hmmmm. There is Something wrong here.

The Best Statement should be:

Customers Has Rights! ^^ Now that's better.