Friday, November 20, 2009


One of the best thing about the company that I'm with is its effort in sending employees every year to Manila to be exposed in various business and construction shows.

Last November 12-15, 2009 , I was lucky enough to be among the chosen four to travel together with our boss. Our itinerary was full with plant tours, business meetings and of course going around the SMX for the Philconstruct 2009. We started our day early and went home late. The heavy traffic was really a headache but nontheless we enjoyed every moment we were there. We were able to dine in fine restaurants where we got to eat great tasting menu.The amazing sites, different places and new faces we met will always be remembered.

It was indeed a learning experience for all of us as well as an avenue to break away from the conventional work schedule. Thanks to our company and our suppliers who sponsored some of the expenses for making our travel possible.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Certified Establishment

Yesterday, I had the honor of receiving the DTI-CE Award of our branches. The award is given to establishments who are upholding to consumer rights and ethical business practices. Certain parameters served as guide in the consultation and screening process. The program was simple yet rewarding in a sense that it was a positive reinforcement for all the efforts of businessmen. It was indeed a celebration of partnership between the government and the private sectors.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


For the past 6 years of being employed, the company would always exert its best effort to provide us with decent uniforms through the kindness from our various suppliers. We will be wearing the uniforms in one year which is a way of an advetisement since supplier's logo appears on our uniforms. In return, our company stives hard in having a very good performance in selling thier products.
This is one thing I am grateful of because no matter how tough business has been lately,this privilege for the employees has been continuing and hopefully will last forever.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Water Rafting in CDO-Two

This morning I had the chance of going on a water rafting here in Cagayan de Oro for the second time around. A supplier of our company arrived here from Manila. So after doing her purpose of coming here. My boss told her to unwind .So my boss ask if I could be escort her during the adventure. Without a doubt I said yes.
The rapids, the water, the nature, the adrenaline rush, the people-local,national even international, all these I'm so thankful of such great experience. It has sent big smiles to everybody. Personally, it's a rejuvenating activity for me. I recommend to everybody to try this out some time.

Monday, June 15, 2009


A certain supplier of our company have this reward program as thier gratitude to loyal dealers. There are variety of reward items to choose from such as Home & Office Appliances, Electronic Gadgets, Home Entertainment System and a lot more. Points are earned as the company purchases their products.
Luckily, my boss gave me the authority to use our earned points to redeem items of my choice. And finally after 3 months of waiting, I received the package last saturday.:)

I've got a national bookstore gift certificate, blood pressure monitor for my parents, oven toaster and a pancake maker.Having received this items for free is really something to be grateful about to my boss, to the supplier and to Him.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Customer Is Always Right!?

Few minutes before 12 pm, there was a slight commotion in our store. My co-worker entered the office crying. I found out that her demanding customer was outside our store.
What really happened?
The customer came at around 10 am where she was well attended. It took her a while to choose the things she needed. She left to withdraw money from the ATM to pay her purchases. Returning around 11 am, we scheduled the delivery right then after paying the minimal delivery charge which is mainly for fuel which has been a company policy. But she said that it be delivered after lunch because she needs to go to a bending shop.

She came back 10 minutes before 12 noon and demanded for the delivery. The one who attended her requested nicely if it is possible thatit will be done after lunch that is 1 pm because the driver will be taking his lunch. A polite plea was answered with the deafening statements in an irritating voice…
1.Visayan: “Nagbayad gud ko ug delivery charge so makademand jud ko kung kanus-a nko gusto ipadeliver.”
English: “ I paid the delivery charge so I can demand the delivery whenever I wanted.”
Comment: With this kind of thinking,one easily makes enemies instead of friends as one goes along. How pathetic!

2.Visayan: “Ok ra sa ako ala una basta libre na ako delivery charge.”
English: “ It’s ok with me if it will be delivered at 1 pm provided that my delivery charge is free.”
Comment: Nowadays, there is no such thing as free especially when it comes to sales & services but believe me if one treats countersales clerk nicely,one could get a very good lower price.

3.Visayan: “Dili ko pwede mag hulat sa ala una kai walay paniudto ako trabahante.”
English: “I can’t wait till 1 pm because there will be no lunch for my laborers.”
Comment: Customers please allocate enough time for purchasing so as not to mess your time as well as others. We always buy during the last hour expecting things to be quick as possible.

Customer is always right! I agree with this statement but this has been abused by some customers who do not treat the sales attendant as equal being, customers who wanted things and situations for their favor only.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Say Cheeeeeeze

I, together with my co-employees, always find pleasure in giving our best shots in front of the camera. Our working place serves as our studio.

So here are few captured moments I want to share to all of you..