Saturday, February 21, 2009


I don’t know what’s wrong with my day that I found myself looking for something.

My early morning was challenged by the unbalanced amount of the Cash on Hand as per record and the actual. Books and documents which might have affected the misbalance were vouched again. The records of the previous day were computed thoroughly. But unfortunately, we could not decipher what have caused the misbalance where in fact everything was ok as of yesterday. It has truly given me and my officemate a headache.
Alongside with it was a phone call from our other branch asking me if I encountered a certain receiving report of last year and if I was able to pay it. Hayz… So I dig on the documents on the query. My table was already overflowing with papers.

So I, together with my officemate, agreed to continue looking during lunchtime thus postponing our usual habit of taking a nap. Our sacrifice was paid off when I identified the problem which was a matter of overlooking things. Thank God, one trouble down. And after thorough checking of the documents, I think at around 2 pm, I have traced that I already paid it December of last year and so I gave our other branch a call about it. At last everything was cleared before the day ends and my headache was gone…

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